4 Reason to Start a Furniture Dropshipping Business with 39F Inc

 The unique understanding of furniture on 39F Inc

Our journey in the furniture wholesale started 20 years ago.All the time, we have never stopped focusing on furniture quality and design. The founder of 39F Inc. has an unique understanding of furniture, believing that furniture is very important to our life and is the essence of every family. The goal of 39F Inc. is to create special pieces of furniture that represent each person's unique personality and become a classic over time. 39F Inc. is dedicated to delivering stylish, yet practical pieces directly to our dealership around the world. We established strong business relationship with most of e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Homedepot and Overstock. Our logistics and warehouse centers reached 3650000 square inches to ensure we provide prompt, hassle-free delivery and service.

Keep Up With Trends

For years and years 39F designers have been designing thousands of furnitures for every indoor space, all different and all fruit of infinite inventiveness. But it seems that the problem has not yet been altogether solved, because 39F are still designing furniture, it seems that they never stop pay highly attention to design, 39F got design center who located in France and China, keep catching latest trend for market, especially for North America, which is 39F’s main market. 39F design center has gained over 1000 patent in China, EU and US.

Benifit of start Drop Shipping with 39F Inc

For a long time, we have helped more than 200 local retail sellers to achieve distribution business in Canada and the United States. Now the question arises why retail seller is talking about this business model? Why not? The entire structure of dropshipping is unique, profiting, and low-risked. Using the business model of dropshipping, retail seller will have several distinct advantages like: Low cash flow pressure One of the biggest reasons why retail seller are so inclined towards our business model is a lower investment. At first, retail seller do not need to buy an entire inventory to sell on webshop. Secondly, retail seller pay for the product only when a customer places an order with our retail seller. These two factors lead to healthy cash flow and trendy product to retail seller. Availability of wide product range Normally retail seller are not manufacturing the product or do not require to pre-purchase the inventory, Retail seller can offer a range of products to your customer. Our retail seller can focus on multiple products within one style or can focus on different styles altogether. Time-saving business model In the dropshipbusiness model, a majority of the job is taken care of by the supplier. They will take care of the shipping, packaging, as well as returns. This means retail seller have the liberty of expanding your business whenever you want without worrying about the resources.

Our Strength

Based in Toronto, Canada,39F Inc. has been dedicated to wholesale home furnishings to help retailers grow their business. Today with more than 20 years of experience, 39F understanding of product applications and extensive expertise, enables they to provide the best quality products and service in the industry. 39F are one of the leading suppliers of indoor furniture market in entire North America. With over 10000+ varieties of exclusive displays at the showroom,39F has the high range of furnitures to choose from, to furnish dream home or office. Warehouse Service With 68 worldwide warehouses, the total area reached 3650000 square inches. With 27 warehouses in USA, 8 warehouses in Canada and 3 warehouses in Mexico, shipped within 48th. 39F Inc provides fast, economical transportation for customers and local retailers. Logistic Service Highly cooperate with Fedex\UPS, 39F Inc provides efficient logistic service for eCommerce drop-shipping. Quality Service 39F Inc has professional quality control team over 20 staff get involved in each new product development by performing test in our own lab according to standard protocal. And inspection with be done on each product before massive inventory releasement.

How to become a dealer of 39F Inc?

With so many advantages, dropshipping turns out to be a profitable business model. Just be consistent with your efforts and focus on the right marketing model and you will notice the sales growing by leaps and bounds.

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